3 Ways To Care For Your Mercedes-Benz

October 12th, 2020 by

Updated September 21st, 2021. Did you know October is Fall Car Care Month? Mercedes-Benz of Maui is sharing 3 ways to care for your Mercedes-Benz below.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Service C: Mercedes-Benz is a recommended service interval with the expected mileage coming in at 36,000 miles. (P.S. Yes, your Mercedes-Benz still needs service even if you have been driving less!)
  2. Replacing Mercedes-Benz Engine & Cabin Air Filter: Cabin Air Filters are here to protect your vehicle’s cabin air quality; keep in mind to check when it is recommended to replace next!
  3. Extended Warranty: Extended warranty offers Mercedes-Benz coverage beyond the Mercedes-Benz Factory Warranty.



Did You Know?

At Mercedes-Benz of Maui, you’ll find:

  • Prepaid Maintenance – Prepay to save money & peace of mind
  • Extended Warranty – Determine the warranty of your lifestyle