Warning Sign of Off-Set Alignment

March 16th, 2017 by

Warning SignsWarning Signs

Did you know that your tires are your vehicle’s only contact with the road? They play a vital role in performance, safety, and ride. Hawaiian locals are no stranger to rough road conditions, and driving over curbs and potholes can off-set your alignment and balance. Below are a couple ways to tell if you should bring in your Mercedes-Benz for a service check. Is your Mercedes-Benz experiencing any of the following?

  1.    Is your steering wheel no longer lining up straight?
  2.    Do your front tires show signs of uneven wear?
  3.    Does your vehicle pull to the left or right?
  4.    Do you feel your vehicle vibrating or shaking while driving?


If so, Fletcher Jones wants to make sure you have your Mercedes-Benz inspected for proper tire rotation and alignment. Bad alignment results in your vehicle putting more energy into its trajectory; therefore leading to lower MPG.

It is recommended to have your alignment checked and corrected any time new tires or suspension components are installed. Additionally, this should be considered part of your routine preventative maintenance to receive optimal life out of your tires.

Having your vehicle regularly checked will help you save money by detecting problems in early stages and avoiding premature tire replacement. Routine maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz will also improve the longevity of your vehicle’s operation and maintain peak performance.

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